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All Ahmadi Engineers, Architects and technologists are eligible for  membership subject to the followings conditions:

1.  All Engineers and Architects who hold bachelor degrees or equivalent diploma in Engineering or Architecture and or are members of recognized professional Institute of National/International level.

2.   All Engineers and Architects who possess diploma from such schools/ Polytechnics Institutes where the duration of course is a minimum of two/three years for Engineering and three/four years for Architecture.

3.  The trade of the enrolled Members will be determined from the basic degree/diploma irrespective of their field of specialization

4.  The Executive Committee may reject the enrolment on the ground of inadequate educational qualification;

5.  The Executive Committee may reject the enrolment of an applicant, expel or suspend any member of the Association for reasons to be recorded and the decision of the Committee shall be final.

The membership of the Association shall not extend beyond the life of the member and upon his death all his tights and privileges in the Association shall cease.

Membership Types

1- Lifetime Membership 
2- Yearly Membership
3- Student Membership

Please contact your regional chapter for more specific information on membership fees. Once you register using the link below and then the local chapter will reach out to you with further information about local events and activities.

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